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Hz #11 (http://www.hz-journal.org)
December 2007


Remediations. Art in Second Life
by Domenico Quaranta
"SL is literally teeming with artists. ...and it is probably the only =20=

virtual world to have succeeded in focusing global attention on =20
contemporary art, thanks to artists such as Eva and Franco Mattes =20
(0100101110101101.ORG) and Cao Fei...." Art critic and curator =20
Domenico Quaranta's report on SL art.

Created Identities: Hybrid Cultures and the Internet
by Ian M Clothier
"Heterogeneity, multiplicity and rupture are three aspects of Deleuze =20=

and Guattari's rhizome.... This makes the internet an entirely =20
suitable place to manufacture a hybrid cultural identity..." Ian M. =20
Clothier's 'The District of Leistavia' is a hybrid cultural entity =20
based on the Internet.

=C1lvarez-Fern=E1ndez: Sound Amateur
by Silvia Scaravaggi
Art critic/curator Silvia Scaravaggi discusses 'Soundanism' by =20
composer Miguel =C1lvarez Fern=E1ndez whose current work "mixes and =20
hybridizes electronic and artistic media in a research devoted to the =20=

connections between sound, art and physiology."

Analog Color Field Computer (ACFC)
by Gregory Shakar
"The Analog Color Field Computer (ACFC) is an interactive video and =20
sound installation that makes both minimal and maximal use of =20
computer monitors." Artist Gregory Shakar explains his ACFC whose =20
"conceptual and practical objectives centered around the theme of =20
Reclaiming the Video Screen."

Web.Art's Nature
by Andrej Tisma
"...there is an apparent similarity between the Internet and web.art =20
concept and principle and some earlier forms of communicative art =20
such as mail-art in the early 60=92s and network art in the 80=92s." =20
Artist Andrej Tisma relocates the historical connection of Web.Art to =20=

Mail Art and the network movement.

Exile as Noise - Noise as Exile
by Dror Feiler
"For me to be in exile, to be an immigrant is like being "NOISE" in =20
musical context....a person is here bodily pushed over borders by =20
forces beyond his or her control." Composer/musician Dror Feiler =20
draws a parallel between the state of exile and the musicality of =20
noise music.


Project for the Affirmation of the New
by Sylvia Grace Borda

Web Piece n=B01
by Assunta Ruocco

The Sonic Map of Battersea Park
by Gaya Gajewska

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
by Edward Picot

I Want to See All the News from Today
by Martin John Callanan

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Nam June Paik, Stockhausen, Cage, etc. have all been introduced to =20
the Swedish audience through Fylkingen. Its members consist of =20
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