Re: RHIZOME RAW: Soren Pold's article on the work of Christophe Bruno

Posted by Christina McPhee | Wed Dec 5th 2007 1:43 p.m.

cool! also Christophe was a very articulate and often humorous guest
on -empyre- for the topic "is modernity our antiquity?" , the first of
the documenta 12 -related conversations we did, in March 2006.
Christiane Paul, Dirk Vekemans, and Erik Kluitenberg were in the panel
as well. Here's Christophe;;;;;;;
msg00034.html and more

see in general, for the raw hypertext:

or for an html linear text, here:

On Nov 26, 2007, at 3:22 AM, Jim Andrews wrote:

> Here is an excellent article on the work of Paris's Christophe Bruno:
> This is the first thing i've read about Christophe's work. It's really
> exciting that it is such a good article. It isn't boring. Which is
> exceptional concerning writing about digital literature or perhaps
> anything.
> Christophe does truly intelligent, innovative, sparkling work.
> Finally an
> article that is up to his work.
> Congrats to Lori Emerson for being the editor and especially S
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