FLAT EARTH UPDATE / Thomson & Craighead

Posted by Jon & Alison Thomson & Craighead | Wed Nov 28th 2007 3:45 a.m.


+ Just to let you know that Flat Earth will now be BROADCAST on
Channel 4 this Sunday December 2nd at 00.00hrs. The program is an
hour long and includes all six new Animate Projects and interviews.
So if you're not night owls then set your recorders...

+ Also, AN INTERVIEW about us and our work has just gone online as
part of vague terrain's online journal / http://www.vagueterrain.net/

+ We are also showing Flat Earth in Amsterdam as part of Montevideo's
exhibition, 'Video Vortex 2', which opens on 8th December 2007 and
runs until 3rd February 2008: http://www.montevideo.nl

+ Flat Earth will also be screened at Whitechapel Gallery in London
TOMORROW evening, 29th November 2007 at 7.30pm alongside the other
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