Hand held video projectors

Posted by Joseph Gray | Mon Nov 19th 2007 5:30 p.m.

The following are links to a bit of research.

There will be a new generation of hand held video projectors coming
onto the market.
This will change how we deal with video content and where.
I'm psychically predicting some legislation coming soon similar to
noise ordinance laws, except it will have to do with image projection.
Though somehow I don't see this stopping the ad industry from coating
every friggin surface of everything with video ads now.
I also don't see artists being stopped from doing the same thing (art
or ads, whats the diff? I dare you to answer that).
TI says they can manufacture a million of their model by 2010.
The price of these things is supposed to be less than $100.00

Coming soon (2008, they say):



Texas Instruments


Research by some Grad students in Toronto,
(this is the best one by far):


The future was yesterday.

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