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> 25 to 27 October 2007 :: Montreal
> http://www.artivistic.org
> Artivistic is an international transdisciplinary three-day
> gathering on the interPlay between art, information and activism.
> Artivistic emerges out of the proposition that not only artists
> talk about art, academics about theory, and activists about
> activism. Founded in 2004, the event aims to promote
> transdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue on activist art beyond
> critique, to create and facilitate a human network of diverse
> peoples, and to inspire, proliferate, activate.
> For the third edition of Artivistic, the expression [ un.occupied
> spaces ] was chosen to stimulate new ideas in response to the
> hidden confusions caused by the infinite networks of 21C
> globalization and neo-liberalism. [ un.occupied spaces ] dares to
> link the charged issues of environmentalism, indigenous and migrant
> struggles, and urban practices together through the angle of
> occupation. In an interconnected world, critical thought and action
> cannot but become flexible and uncompromising at once. To think
> with occupation consequently becomes a strategy for approaching
> these issues in a way that will reveal their interdependence, and
> fuel creative and tactical collaborative actions between "co-
> artists" (artists and non-artists). Built around three interrelated
> questions, the event consists of roundtables, workshops,
> interventions, exhibitions, performances, and screenings at our
> temporary headquarters at 5455 av. de Gaspe, #701, and in different
> venues and spaces of Montreal.
> < what is indigenous? >
> The very use of the term "indigenous" presupposes a claim to the
> existence of certain rights. The right to traditional uses of
> territory. The right to live on the land from which one has been
> displaced. The right to status. The right to self-determination.
> The right to a life with dignity. In what context does indigenous
> mean something and how is it represented today? What is the
> relationship between identity based on place, the land and/or
> territories and the right to resources? What is indigenous in the
> context of globalisation, migrations and mobility?
> < what is natural (space) ? >
> The environment is in a pretty bad shape. Yet, does not typical
> environmentalism often propose "solutions" which alienate the very
> people that could make a difference by using a false dichotomy
> (natural/artificial, nature/culture) and by perpetuating the myth
> of a pristine nature? Current strategies often make use of fear and
> guilt to provoke action, yet will we not be helping our environment
> in a more efficient way once we let go of our arrogance as humans
> and start living with and in the world rather than of, and
> alienated from, the world?
> < what is (there) to occupy? >
> The term "occupation" often inspires images of invasion, enclosure
> and rape. How are spaces and bodies ruled over? What is public
> space, ultimately? Why do reserves exist? To ask what is occupation
> is in fact to ask what is left to occupy for occupation is more
> pervasive than it first appears. At the same time, occupation
> echoes resistance when it comes to certain forms of appropriation.
> How does one occupy appropriation or how can one appropriate
> occupation?
> The Autonomous Conference >> Artivistic also includes an open-
> source component. Participants will be able to sign up on the day-
> of to hold an ad-hoc session that is not in the official program
> but is fully part of the event. You can prepare in advance, but you
> don't need to submit anything.
> Our events are free admission, with a suggested donation of $10 for
> waged participants.
> Please register to secure a place: participation.artivistic@gmail.com
> For updates / more information: http://www.artivistic.org /
> info.artivistic@gmail.com
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