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Posted by MTAA | Mon Jun 24th 2002 1 a.m.

hey ivan,

i put official in quotations out of laziness. i didn't really mean
official but wasn't thinking of the proper word so put it official in

imo and net art aren't interchangeable. net art is a better
generic term for networked art activity. when i see the term
i think of specific individuals (the ones mentioned and some others)
who made work under that name. i think, also, that the artists
involved in didn't wish it to become a generic term meaning
networked art (correct me if i'm wrong someone). i think it's only
polite to honor their wishes.

so being that the term has specific meaning to me, and being that the
people who came up with it and used it didn't want it to be a generic
term i prefer net art or networked art for a generic term. in that
sense, is a subset of net art. (i feel like i'm the one
giving the course ;-)

At 22:36 +0100 6/24/02, Ivan Pope wrote:
>> Subject: Re: RHIZOME_RAW: your thoughts on upcoming online classes
>T. Whid replied:
>> i'm curious tho, are these classes going to deal with only the
>> 'official' (cosic, shulgin, jody, lialina, etc). imo,
>> is a very specific thing relating to a small group of artists,
>> whereas net art (no dot) is the generic phrase most people use to
>> describe art made using networks, the web, the internet etc.
>Im interested in this concept of official net art v. net art. Are you in
>favour of there being an official net art and an unofficial one, or not
>I cant tell from this post. Or maybe probably you dont care?

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