Mastermundo Creative Conference 2007

Posted by Irad Lee | Mon Sep 17th 2007 1:13 p.m.


Todaysart Festival
22nd September, The Hague, The Netherlands.

On Saturday September 22nd the Royal Academy of Art (KABK)'s brand new study Interactive Media Design (I/M/D) will present Mastermundo at the TodaysArt festival. Twelve exceptional Masterminds from the 'Pool of Masterminds' invite you to hear them speak about their passion. They will share their knowledge with those interested, because it is their passion that brought them where they are today. Visitors can enjoy these 'fruits of passion', and pick their brains for some of their inspiration. Bring a spoon!

The 'Pool of Masterminds' comprises of exceptional people in varying disciplines, from architecture to experience marketing to designers, both from The Netherlands and abroad. Mastermundo's concept and speakers follow the internationally oriented art education at the KABK closely, and students find themselves in the center of society. I/M/D students develop medium-independent concepts, and are educated to be a new generation of designer: one that crosses disciplinary borders, ventures into new areas of the working field and can make clever links and connections. I/M/D functions as a meeting place for creative domains, languages, cultures etc., but above all as a place to meet like-minded people.

Talks by:

Michael B. Johnson
MPG Lead; Pixar Animation Studios, USA

Tjeerd Hoek
(former Microsoft, was Director of User Experience Design for Windows Vista, now Executive Creative Director; Frog Design Seattle, USA)

Regine Debatty
(blogger, writer for mags, curator;, Germany)

Kris Moyes
(music video director; The Directors Bureau, USA)

Derek Cheshire
(innovation strategist, UK)

Zachary Jean Paradis
(innovation strategist, experience designer, USA)

Arjan Dingste
(architect; UN Studio, NL)

Fons Schiedon
(designer, illustrator, animator, NL)

Erwin Blom
(Head VPRO digitaal, NL)

Jeroen van Erp
(Creative Director; Fabrique Communication and Design)

Devon Reid
(Poet, soul coach, New shoes today crew, NL/CA)

Some additional names to be announced soon.

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