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Posted by Erika Lincoln | Thu Sep 13th 2007 7:32 p.m.

Erika Lincoln's Liquid Prairie:Creeping Change is now on Dispatx

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Press Release:

New Collection | Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain examines notions of ! blockage, recourse and resistance that can emerge in diverse contexts – and what it can mean when these manifestations are channeled into artistic product.

This seventh collection of Dispatx Art Collective includes works developed by visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers and performance artists. The collection, which can be seen in Show (, includes works developed online as part of the site as well as submissions of completed work related to the theme. In addition, and as a part of our ongoing investigation of curatorial practice, the Eminent Domain forum will remain open throughout the duration of this collection.

The curatorial narrative is best articulated through a correspondence between various readings. While projects such as Hospital 106 4º1ª by Jordi Canudas and Isabel Banal and Someone Called Me... by Emma Wilcox are the works which most directly address the theme at hand, projects such as Green Screen by Neil Chapman and David Stent, or Ellen Zweig
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