stations between stations

Posted by mark cooley | Sat Sep 8th 2007 11:12 p.m.

between stations

The public airways are mapped almost entirely to the mandates of consumer demographics, psychographics and other methods of locating, courting and creating compliant consumers and citizens. This sad context provides an aesthetic space where the mash-up and obliteration of those tired fictitious sites of meaning becomes a satisfying experience.

These recordings, created for podcast distribution, were made in the southeast of the United States on various points along Interstate 95 from Richmond Virginia and Fayetteville North Carolina. They capture profiles of American consciousness as competing sectors of the consciousness industry represents them and simultaneously they are the decomposition of preconfigured and seemingly stable consciousness moving at high velocity toward utter decay and slippage into forbidden, unclaimed and contested spaces.

The artist’s automobile acted as crude mixing instrument as it was driven recklessly between competing frequencies sliding in and out of coherence and exploring the spaces between stations, colonized electromagnetic frequencies and codified identities.,616/Cooley/files/audio/between_stations/index.html
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