Art Following the Trend? Artists' Voices. A Survey.

Posted by alexandra reill | Sun Aug 5th 2007 9:28 a.m.

With the project Art Following the Trend? Artists' Voices. kanonmedia resea=
rches the role and positions of the contemporary artists in the society she=
/he feels belonging to. On the one hand, video interviews are an important =
module of this project, the other important part is a study focussing espec=
ially on the positioning of fine/experimental artists in the context of Cre=
ative Industries. The third module consists of a questionnaire on the theme=
like inserted below.

We happily receive your contributions - please just fill in the questionnai=
re and send it back to us by replying on this email. We are also thankful i=
f you would like to forward the questionnaire to other artists as we are ho=
ping to be able to evaluate at least 100 questionnaires. The poll is anonym=
ous, the email adress from where you reply to our email is kept in full con=
fidence and in no way is included in the evaluation of the questionnaires. =
The results of the survey will be part of the study Art Following the Trend=
? Artists' Voices. and will be published online - visit: http://http://www.=


1.. Are you a) an individual artist or b) member of an art producing coll=


2.. In which field of art production are you active?

3.. What is important to you in your art production? What are you aspirin=
g to/striving for in/with your art production?

4.. How would you define the chances and needs of art in the social socie=
ty you live in? (check as many as apply, please describe details)

1.. Art comes from the need to produce art.
2.. Art comes from unsolicited/voluntary production.
3.. Art has always been a pioneer in society.
4.. Art produces added value/s for a society.
5.. Art is entertainment.
6.. Misc. (please describe)

5.. How would you define the quality of art production in the social soci=
ety you live in? (check as many as apply, please describe details)

1.. The quality of art comes from the need to produce art.
2.. The qualitiy of art comes from talent.
3.. The quality of art comes from know-how.
4.. The quality of art comes from financial ressources.
5.. The quality of art is defined by the added value created for a soci=
6.. Misc. (please describe)

6.. Do you perceive art production a) as a profession or b) as a vocation=
or c) would you define the artist in a different way? (check as many as ap=

1.. Profession
2.. Vocation
3.. Other (please describe)

7.. If you checked "Vocation", could you please describe more closely wha=
t you mean using this definition:

8.. In your opinion, which role does a contemporary artist have in the so=
cial society you live in?

9.. Which role would you define for yourself? As an artist, what would yo=
u define as your task/s?

10.. Which function/s would you ascribe to yourself as an artist in the s=
ociety you live in?

11.. If you are part of an art producing collective/initiative/organisati=
on, how would you define your role and function in the team?

12.. If you are not part of an art-producing collective/iniative/organisa=
tion: Do you often cooperate with other artists and persons involved in cre=
ative production?

1.. Yes
2.. No

13.. If yes, on which basis do these cooperations work in regard to conte=
nt production and financial settings? Which forms of budget and work sharin=
g do apply?

14.. Do you live from your art production as main occupation?

1.. Yes
2.. No

15.. Do you need other income than that coming from your art production t=
o make a living?

1.. No
2.. Yes

16.. If yes, which kind of job/s are you holding?

17.. What is your contract for this/these jobs?

1.. Full-time employment as a worker
2.. Part-time employment as a worker
3.. Full-time employment as a clerk or similar
4.. Part-time employment as a clerk or similar
5.. Short-time employment
6.. Personal Service Contract (Freier Dienstnehmervertrag)
7.. Freelancer
8.. Licensed one-(wo)man business
9.. Licensed business - other form of enterprise

18.. Which one of these jobs would you define as your main occupation or =
would you define your art production as your main occupation?

19.. In ten years, do you think that there will be an increase of private=
sponsorship for the arts in the country where you have your primary reside=

1.. Yes
2.. No

20.. According to your answer given, which effects and consequences can y=
ou imagine regarding this situation?

21.. In ten years, do you think that there will be a) an increase, b) a d=
ecrease or c) the same overall amount of public funding means for the arts =
in the country where you have your primary residence?

1.. Increase
2.. Decrease
3.. Same amount of public funding

22.. According to your answer given, which effects and consequences can y=
ou imagine regarding this situation?

23.. Are you female/male?

1.. Female
2.. Male

24.. How old are you?

25.. Approximately: What net income (after deduction of social fees and t=
axes) do you achieve per year?

1.. From 0.000,-- to 2.000,-- Euro
2.. From 2.000,-- to 4.000,-- Euro
3.. From 4.000,-- to 6.000,-- Euro
4.. From 6.000,-- to 8.000,-- Euro
5.. From 8.000,-- to 10.000,-- Euro
6.. From 10.000,-- to 12.000,-- Euro
7.. More than 12.000,-- Euro

26.. How many persons live in your household?

27.. How many persons in your household do earn money/generate income?

1.. 1 person
2.. 2 persons
3.. 3 persons
4.. 4 persons
5.. 5 persons
6.. More than 5 persons

28.. Approximately: What is the monthly income of your household (after d=
eduction of social fees and taxes, including social benefits such as unempl=
oyment benefit, dol-money or similar, child benefits, alimonies, pensions, =
housing/rent subsidy, etc.)

1.. From 0.000,-- to 1.000,-- Euro
2.. From 1.000,-- to 2.000,-- Euro
3.. From 2.000,-- to 3.000,-- Euro
4.. From 3.000,-- to 4.000,-- Euro
5.. More than 4.000,-- Euro

29.. Which ethnic background would you define mostly as the one you belon=
g to?

30.. In which federal state is your primary residency?

31.. In which nation is your primary residency?

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