Port Huron Project in NYTimes

Posted by MTAA | Sat Jul 28th 2007 11:23 a.m.

  • joy garnett | Sat Jul 28th 2007 1:01 p.m.
    fantastic! yay mark!

    On 7/28/07, T.Whid <twhid@twhid.com> wrote:
    > http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/28/arts/design/28mall.html
    > Mark Tribe's project :)

    530 laguardia place #5, nyc 10012
  • Eric Dymond | Sun Jul 29th 2007 1:15 a.m.
    This really throws a strange curve at me.
    The works are immune to the fear that Richard Nixon instilled in the minds of the original protesters. I always think of Kent State as a declaration of war against the left (even the moserate left). Rightists would say *you pinkos are out to destroy our way of life!*
    There is a profound humane quality to the work, which is well overdue. Unlike Jacqueline Lichentstiens comments about contemporary art offering images that reminded her of Auschwitz, these works tell us that there was another stream of thought, one that once hoped and dreamt of a new world based upon left wing humanism.
    I think this was lost on the continent, but I remember it well at Rochdale and I am sure it was a great dream elsewhere. On the continent the situationists read the events in North America incorrectly. We cared little for the death of Europe, and in fact Valery's proposal regarding Euro Supremeacy seemed ill conceived and alien. (see Valery's Extraneous Remarks, 1927)
    We weren't giving up, we were re-expressing the revolution that founded North American Demaocracy 200 years before.
    As influencial as Malraux was at the time, the offer of hope that the Port Huron group proposed was not only real(as Marks father must remeber well) but offered an alternative to Conitinental thinking.

    In a decade that has seen the right wing auto-destruct, the leftist ideals stand a chance with the electorate.

    Now if these ideals fall on deaf ears then we all lose out.
    I hope Mark re enacts the Rochdale Declaration.
    Nice work Mark,
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