Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design - Call for Students!

Posted by Jonah Brucker-Cohen | Thu Jul 12th 2007 1:34 p.m.

This is a new interactive design institute starting up in Copenhagen
made up of some Ex-IVREA / RCA researchers and others. They are
looking for Masters students for their Pilot Year. Please forward
around to those who might be interested!


Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Call for Students - Pilot Year

Pilot Year
Building on the positive response that CIID has received from our
feasibility study and initial activities, we are now establishing our
own educational programme. CIID is looking for 15-20 students from
Scandinavia, Europe and around the world to join us in Copenhagen for
our first educational year, starting in January 2008. These students
will receive sponsorship for a full-time, intensive, but experimental
version of our Masters course. Working in a studio environment, they
will design and prototype new ideas for services, products and
software. Visiting faculty will lead investigations into a range of
topics related to their specific expertise in design, technology and
innovation, after which students will engage in a self-directed
research project. We will use the experiences of the pilot year to
shape the programme of the subsequent two-year CIID masters courses,
and expect some students to continue in the educational and research
activities of the institute. The funding for this programme has yet
to be secured and the launch of the pilot programme will depend on

When will the pilot year occur?
The pilot year will span the whole of 2008. From January to June,
students will participate in the investigations and workshops that
form the foundation of the programme. No instruction takes place in
July and August, as CIID encourages and helps students to find
internships. In September, they will return to CIID to conduct a
self-directed thesis project with a CIID or external advisor.
Tentatively, we plan for the pilot year to conclude at the end of
2008. If there is enough interest and support, however, it could be
extended. In fact, we hope that some students will remain part of
CIID after the pilot year concludes: as researchers, instructors, or
in some other capacity.

Where will the pilot year take place?
The pilot year will take place in Copenhagen. We are currently
investigating possible locations, but believe that for a studio-based
programme like ours it is critical for each student to have dedicated
space for their work and materials.

What will I learn and do?
At CIID, students learn to apply design and technology to people's
lives and needs. We believe in a studio environment - students and
faculty working intensely on a project brief. We focus on hands-on
learning, meaning that students are given the skills to build working
prototypes of their ideas. A user-centred design process provides
inspiration and grounding. A multi-disciplinary approach prepares
students for careers in companies where innovation crosses product
The education is divided into three tiers. The first tier is an
initial set of short, skills-based workshops. The second tier
consists of longer design investigations. Finally, for the third tier
students pursue a self-directed research project. In addition,
students will participate in projects done in collaboration with
companies and take seminars in the practical and theoretical aspects
of interaction design.
For more information, see the CIID curriculum.

What is the language of study?
The official language of the institute is English. While many of the
faculty and staff at the institute are fluent in other languages, we
request that all communications and materials pertaining to
applications and admissions be in English. We expect all students and
faculty to have a high level of both written and spoken English.

Why is CIID conducting a pilot year?
We would like our programme to be shaped by its students and faculty.
The pilot year is a means of prototyping CIID's education with the
people who will be part of it. By running our first year in a
resource-light but content-intensive way, we hope to learn how to
refine our programme before investing heavily in a long-term
structure. Also, we hope that it will attract an eclectic mix of
students and faculty who are excited about creating a new institute.

What's in it for me?
We are offering students an intense one-year interaction design
education lead by experts in the field. It is an opportunity to meet
like-minded people, acquire skills, create a body of design work, and
help establish a new educational programme. Finally, we expect the
course to prepare students for real-world jobs at innovative
companies and institutions.

What type of certificate/degree will I receive?
Because this is a pilot year, we're focusing on the content and
people involved in the programme rather than formal accreditation.
Students who successfully complete the course will receive a
certificate acknowledging their accomplishments, but the pilot year
will likely not be formally accredited.

What does it cost?
Because this is a pilot year, we expect to offer full scholarships to
all students. You will need to cover all other expenses: flights,
accommodation, food, etc.

How do I apply?
This is an experiment - we're diving in head-first and hope you will
too. There's a chance it might not happen, but we're willing to take
the risk and we're looking for those daring enough to join us. If
you're up for it, check out the admissions page for information about
how to apply. If you have specific questions please contact us by
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