CALL For Photographs: 3rd Effect issue 4

Posted by Martin John Callanan | Fri Jun 1st 2007 5:03 p.m.

CALL For Photographs: 3rd Effect issue 4

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I have been asked to edit issue number four of 3rd Effect. My editorial
approach will alter from the previous issue. 120 photographs will be
required. The website will display a new pair of photographs each time it is
viewed; randomly selected from the collection of 120; a new random pair each

Issue 2 was edited by the Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY. Issue 1
and 3 by Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, UK.

The 'third effect' is what happens when any two photographs are juxtaposed -
without captions, titles or any other textual clues.

We read meaning into each photograph individually. But we also read a third
meaning into the fact that they have been juxtaposed. This third meaning is
highly subjective, shifting and enigmatic. It is an extension of what
Barthes termed the "obtuse" meaning in all photographs.

The bigger the 'gap' between the photographs [subject matter, source, genre,
time etc] the greater the third effect.
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