Posted by brad brace | Fri Jun 1st 2007 12:57 p.m.

Imagine the problem is not physical. Imagine the problem has never been physical, that
it is not biodiversity, it is not the ozone layer, it is not the greenhouse effect, the
whales, the old-growth forest, the loss of jobs, the crack in the ghetto, the
abortions, the stultified institutions, the tongue in the mouth, the diseases stalking
everywhere as love goes on unconcerned. Imagine the problem is not some syndrome of our
society that can be solved by commissions or laws or a redistribution of what we call
wealth. Imagine that it goes deeper, right to the core of what we call our civilization
and that no one outside of ourselves can effect real change, that our civilization, our
governments are sick and that we are mentally ill and spiritually dead and that all our
issues and crises are symptoms of this deeper sickness. Imagine the problem is not
physical and no amount of relocation, no amount of rehabilitation will deal with the
problem. Imagine that the problem is not that we are powerless or that we are victims
but that we have lost the fire and belief and courage to act. We hear whispers of the
future but we slap our hands against our ears, we catch glimpses but turn our faces
swiftly aside.

Millennium project: red drawings: 1981-2007

All the "red drawings" are similar but different and slowly evolving. One free exchange
(shipping included) per year if desired.

Various red and colored ink washes, dyes, pigments; photo-polymer palimpsest,
photo-linocuts, engraved photo-linocuts (derived from even earlier drawings: collapsed,
hollowed-out graphic art narratives -- restrained figure re-drawings -- interlocking
parting wakes), multiple block-printed, water-based lino-inks/extenders, gauche,
acrylic, color pencil, stencils on individually inked/painted, collaged, (archival
bookbinding pastes), and mechanically compressed, thin, multi-layered, papers.
9.5x12.5" (24x32cm)

Gallery price: $1500
Rental/exhibit fee: $55/mo.

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