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Posted by beate zurwehme | Fri May 4th 2007 1:20 p.m.

Immunoglobulin (2005/06), a DNA music installation is now running at
BIOS 4 (Arte biotecnologico y ambiental), a group exhibition and
conference on biotechnological and environmental art at Centro Andaluz
de Arte Contemporaneo (CAAC), Sevilla, Spain, running through September
2, 2007.

Sample: http://www.petergena.com/immuno.html

Description: http://www.petergena.com/DNAmus.html#anchor-49999

CAAC - BIOS 4: http://www.caac.es/programa/frame.htm

* Peter Gena, Professor
  • ana otero | Tue May 15th 2007 4:21 p.m.
    :: Bios 4
    :: CAAC — Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo
    :: Seville 2007 May 3 — September 2

    curator: Antonio Cerveira Pinto

    A broad view on biotech art, including some of its relations with the
    human body, nano-entities, environmental issues, artificial life and

    Open seminar on biotech and environmental art | may 2, 1800 (free entrance) Opening | may 3, 2000 (invitational)

    Biotech art is part of the cognitive art vortex. It is actually the real
    new thing in post-contemporary culture. It is not another modern art
    melting down of symbolic representation. Post-contemporary art entities
    are basically cognitive in the way that they need both knowledge to evolve and inteligent perusers to interact. — Antonio Cerveira-Pinto

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    presently futurizing the world in a post-carbon era. Post-contemporary
    culture, complex art and architecture, is my specific field of
    investigation and creativity.
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