Director of Technology's Report, February 2007

Posted by Patrick May | Thu Feb 22nd 2007 1:39 p.m.


I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to our Community Campaign. It
gave us great momentum into the new year, which kicked off with upgrades to
the ArtBase and Commissions programs.

== ArtBase

The structure of the ArtBase Metadata has been simplified to use two fields:
Rhizome Terms and Artist Terms which exist side by side.

The Rhizome Terms represent the vocabulary that has been available since the
ArtBase was founded. This field merges the subsets of genre, type and
keyword. Artist Terms is a new field that allows artists to label their
work with whatever terms they feel appropriate. By combining these two
systems, historical continuity is maintained while giving artists a richer
ability to describe their own works.

There is now a tag cloud of the ArtBase which presents the most active terms
across these two fields. :D

We invite all artists with works in the ArtBase to re-index their artworks:

As particular Artist Terms gain momentum and popularity, we will add them to
the Rhizome Vocabulary. We have yet to determine the exact process for
adding these terms, as we'd like to see how things play out.

== Commissions

Lauren already mentioned this year's Commissions Program, but just to
reiterate -- the 2007 Commissions cycle has begun! In response to feedback
from last year's cycle, this year will be a little different.

+ This year there are two categories of awards: one for an Artist project,
and another for a Community enhancement.
+ The first stage of voting will take place on the proposal web pages, via a
Javascript include.

For details and links, visit the commissions page:

== Upcoming developments

We are planning a future metadata upgrade to the Textbase, as well as other
visible improvements to the site. These projects are in the early planning

Finally, I am happy to share technical details about these projects if
anyone is interested. Let me know if you have any questions!



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