Presenting and Preserving New Media

Posted by NeMe | Sat Jan 27th 2007 2:26 a.m.

Following our publication of Steve Dietz' text: "Collecting New Media Art: Just Like Anything Else, Only Different"

we have now secured Christiane Paul's "Challenges for a Ubiquitous Museum: Presenting and Preserving New Media" which we have published on

Christiane writes: The characteristics of the digital medium pose numerous challenges to the traditional art world, ranging from presentation to collection and preservation. For the longest time, museums, galleries and the art world and art market in general have been mostly "objectoriented" and have configured their framework and infrastructure to accommodate the presentation and preservation of the static art object. The characteristics of so-called new media art have introduced a shift from the object to process: as an inherently time-based, dynamic, interactive, collaborative, customizable and variable art form, digital art resists "objectification" and has changed traditional notions of the "art object."... More on

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