Java Bean Salad :: Xanax Pop, by Lewis LaCook

Posted by Lewis LaCook | Thu Dec 28th 2006 7:57 a.m.

Java Beans is a component architecture
for Java. It's finally a little later.
Winter hits us strangely here on
the Black River, green and snaked

with disease. Everyone's coughing
as they wait in line for
the guillotine. My quills
adrift in liquors distilled from
everything else. I'd gladly

trade my foreground with your
background, if only a little later
you'd hold me as I shook the rain
from my head. Rolling off
the hot tin roof, I'm a fool to believe

that subclassing the atmosphere
and parsing the distances between
myself and other people will ever

stop me from eating the centers from
everyone I love.


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