Press Release: Paint from Nature at PERFORMANCESX6

Posted by Caterina Davinio | Thu Jun 6th 2002 1 a.m.

The net-art performance dedicated to the Twin Towers disaster will be
presented June 8 in the contest of the Poetry/Performance exhibition

"Paint From Nature" - the nature as media landscape and telematic passage -
is made of 77 e-mails chosen among threehundred arrived at the
Redaction September 11 - 15. In a rigorous non-iconic way it describes a
tragedy, which no art image could comment.
Realized for the first time in Florence February 4, 2002, at the opening of
the visual poetry exhibition "Tribute to Marinetti" (Giubbe Rosse) and
selected for the Rhizome net-art database (NY), "Paint from Nature" is now
actuated in a new version: it contains a blank e-mail which represent all
the not-received messages from Afghanistan and from all the poor countries
tormented from war, that are condemned to the silence and to a sort of
not-existence from the absence of technology.

The choral sound of the rhizomers voices in the "copy from nature", from the
telematic "truth" - which actuates its existence in the continuous passage
from the real to the virtual and back - comes from an every-place, or from a
no-place, from a texture of contacts, which is also a "thing", space where
enter, wander, look for, reality. This space, in the performance "Paint from
nature", is copied down, or, with a metaphor, photographed,
after it was framed in the monitor, together with some questions about what
a net-performance "really" is, what a "copy from nature" and the "nature"
self, for an artist, in the net, in the media universe, is, how Internet
brings in discussion the role of the artist, his identity, and these
concepts (identity, reality, copy, nature, original, presence, performance,
role, space-time) result disintegrated but also reconstructed.
Caterina Davinio's work "Paint From Nature", made of interaction, action,
e-mail art, creation of an object/real remote installation, copy realized
with technologic
instruments which are in hands of an artist today (digital, identical with
the represented original, but that finally concretises itself in an unique
not-reproducible experience this work, made of
communic/action, and generating itself while the communication runs, do not
falls under the categories that the art and the critic put at disposal.


"PERFORMANCESX6" is a festival organized since 1992 by AKENATON
(with Ministero della Cultura (DRAC), della Colletivitta
Territoriale di Corsica e della citta d'Ajaccio)

Among the other artists/performers:
- Philippe Bootz
- David Christoffel
- Michele Ettori
- Frederique Guetat-Liviani
- Joachim Montessuis
- Cyril Bret
- Akenaton (Philippe Castellin, Jean Torregrosa)
- Photo & video: D.V Dell'Azzione

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