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Posted by Patrick May | Thu Nov 30th 2006 11:19 a.m.


I've been following the conversation about over the last few
days. In a somewhat belated fashion, last night I registered at The site is very clean and responsive -- nice job G.H.!

One thing I noticed is that appears to allow one to login
using an account from another server. For example, when I registered I was
told that I could log in to using It
should be possible to setup rhizome so that I could login to
post.thing.netwith my rhizome account,
i.e.: / password

Where "1014168" is my Rhizome user id.

G.H., would you be interested in collaborating in this manner with Rhizome?
I don't think it would be any additional work for, and it
should make it easier for Rhizome users to visit

I'm curious what people think of this idea.



p.s. I grabbed my rhizome user id from my Member Directory link:

Not every user is listed in the Member Directory, but every user has a
unique id. Rhizome could be updated to make it easier to locate one's user

On 11/16/06, G.H. Hovagimyan <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> As part of the talk by Christina McPhee (co-sponsored by Rhizome) I've
> created a forum on for asking questions before the
> talk and continuing the discussion afterwards:
> In order to post to this you need to register and get a user ID & pswd
> here:
> +
> -> post:
> -> questions:
> -> subscribe/unsubscribe:
> -> give:
> +
> Subscribers to Rhizome are subject to the terms set out in the
> Membership Agreement available online at

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