call to artists / appel au artistes

Posted by GARRETT LYNCH | Wed Jun 5th 2002 1 a.m.

hi everyone

I have started working for a site ( which hosts
banners created by different artists in gif, jpeg, flash or shockwave

The concept is for artists to claim a commonly used constuct on the
internet, the "banner", as their own, to use the form and space normally
used by the commercial domain to propagate ideas and artistic talent and to
encourage other sites to host these works of art. A complete "call for
atists" is included at the bottom of this email.

We would encourage you to contribute works in any of the four formats and
look forward to seeing works that push the boundaries of what banners are
and can do while still complying to the Internet Advertising Bureau's
( guidelines.


salut tout le monde

Je commence a travaille sur un site ( ou on mis de
"banners" en formats gif, jpeg, flash ou shockwave fait par de differente

Le concept est pour artistes a utilise un forme sur le internet, un "banner,
comme leur espace, a utilise cette forme et espace qui est normallement
utilise dans le cadre commerciale a propager des ideas et de travaille
artistic et finalement a encourager des gens a mis cette travaille sur leur
site et en effet ete un patron des art numerique. Un complet "appel au
artistes" est coller en bas de cette email (desole solement en anglais).

Nous encourage vous a envoie de travaille dans le quatre format et epere a
voir de travaille qui question qu'est que c'est un "banner" mais sont
toujours dans le regles et cadres de un "banner" fait par le "Internet
Advertising Bureau" (


Call to artists

All net artists and web designers are invited to contribute to the
Banner Art Collective (

The BAC collects and host art and poetry that is created and
distributed within the limitations of web advertising (as defined by
the Internet Advertising Bureau).
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