Posted by Natsuki Taniguchi | Wed Oct 25th 2006 5:11 a.m.

Kenji Siratori
ISBN: 1430300906
Paperback: 412 pages

Kenji Siratori's best writing collection.

"Kenji Siratori was curious enough that I'm going to try a couple more to
make up my mind. Well worth reading for sure." - Dennis Cooper

"Kenji is a madman, for sure, but if you scan his hallucinatory textual
mashups in just the right frame of mind, they begin to make sense. And
that's the scary part." - Douglas Rushkoff

"All the information in the universe, plus several bits from other
dimensions that I'm still trying to sort out, have just been mainlined into
my nervous system. The shards from a googleplex of infobits seem to be stuck
in the part of my brain just above the pineal gland. Yes, I've just been
reading Kenji Siratori again. This is my idea of a good time." - RU Sirius

"What Kenji Siratori achieves with his polywaves of interlocking
paraphrasing, is the opportunity to rase to the ground antiquated rhetoric,
and give world literature the prefect blank foundation in which to bring
about a whole new phraseology." - GX Jupitter-Larsen

"Kenji Siratori breaks new ground that others only dream." - Alan Sondheim

"This is the "new" that you never knew was there, and, like all things so
totally new, it forces us to rethink our idea of "novel", "life" and, in the
end, even "Art"." - Jared Louche of CHEMLAB

"Is it possible, or even sensible, to read Kenji Siratori's work as a
linear, developmental, discrete text? What I absorb and inhale, eyes glassy
and slipping off pages, tripping over recombinant barking, is a generative
machine, overloaded and screaming." - David Toop, author of Rap Attack,
Ocean of Sound, Exotica and Haunted Weather

"Kenji Siratori doesn't just describe a chaotic and disturbing future world
of man-machine-chaos , he inhabits that world and reports from the front
line in that hybrid language. A mesmerizing mantra as well as a technical
manual for a possible evolution of our species." - Randy Greif
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