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From: Amy Lipton <amy@ecoartspace.org>
Subject: Bioneers conference 10.21, 10.22

Tricia Watts and Amy Lipton of Ecoartspace will moderate panels at the
upcoming Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, CA

Please join us if you are in the bay area.

Interactive! Moving Beyond The Frame: Eco-Artists Facing Environmental
More than 30 activist eco-artists gather to discuss efforts to address
environmental challenges though visionary art practices. The format will
invite stimulating, cross-disciplinary audience participation. This session
affords a unique opportunity to share ideas and strategies for forging new
alliances and future projects. Moderated by Amy Lipton, curator ecoartspace
NYC and Abington Art Center Philadelphia, and Tricia Watts, curator
ecoartspace SF and Sonoma County Museum. With Helen and Newton Harrison,
Jackie Brookner, Erica Fielder, Baile Oakes, Ruth Wallen, Sant Khalsa and
more tba. (A29)



Eco-art Activists: Making the Invisible Visible
Working in underserved communities, inventive eco-artists are producing
participatory art projects to demonstrate greening issues and strategies,
nurture civic dialogue and inspire action. Tricia Watts, chief curator of
the Sonoma County Museum moderates artists Susanne Cockrell and Ted Purves
(Temescal Amity Works), Donna Keiko Ozawa (Waribashi Project), Amy
Franceschini (Future Farmers and Free Soil), and Susan Leibovitz
Steinman(The Blue Line Trail, Elkhorn City, KY). (B12)

Tricia Watts
Founder/Curator, West Coast

Amy Lipton
Curator, East Coast


530 laguardia place #5, nyc 10012
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