Reflux - stereoscopic photography, video installation & kinetic sculpture

Posted by Anita Bacic | Mon Oct 9th 2006 12:30 a.m.

Reflux - A group exhibition presented by Anita Bacic, Sandra Landolt and Tina Fiveash, which reveals a fusion of recycled technologies and digital media, re-examining overlooked details of our everyday lives.

Anita Bacic - In Ringa Raja clouds swirl within an austere geodesic dome, constructed simply from cardboard triangles. An imaginary world contained within a paper shell; a representation of dreams missed from a time in the past where we would lie on the ground and stare at the sky.

Tina Fiveash - Quiescense I - X are a series of anaglyptic (3-D) photographs which essentially explore our interconnectedness as human beings, on both a physical and spiritual level, focusing on the face, as a universally recognised key for gaining insight into another person’s soul. The eyes in particular, are often described as being the “windows to the soul”, and in the words of Japanese novelist, Kobo Abe, the face is like “a roadway between oneself and others”.

Sandra Landolt - Sandra plays with the idea of Reflux, as the medical term for any deviation from a healthy or normal condition. Her video work displays in a playful way, how a wind-up toy is fighting time, and her kinetic sculpture represents a discarded toy, altered and adapted to a new function.

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