Untitled Media a survey of New Media Art

Posted by ian gwilt | Sun Oct 8th 2006 3:12 p.m.

Untitled Media a survey of New Media Art

Defining a new art genreā€¦

In response to the ongoing debate led by mainstream art establishments, contemporary art theorists and the art going community to define what constitutes New Media Art, the Untitled Media project is a creative attempt to document examples of artworks that fall into this domain.
A location based activity, the project can be attached to any New Media Arts festival or gallery. A small team of Untitled Media artists and volunteers collect information from visitors to a gallery or festival location. The collected information is then fed into the Untitled Media database and the resulting information is presented as a dynamic visualization - made available for public consideration and feedback.
A key component of the Untitled Media project is the development of a visual taxonomy for New Media Art. This taxonomy forms the basis of the survey, which attempts to identify common typologies for New Media Art, examining technical set up, media content and user experience etc.
Fresh from its first outing at ISEA 2006, findings from the Untitled Media project to-date can be seen at the following URL. Please contact the artists if you are interested in running the survey at future New Media festivals and contributing to the Untitled Media database.


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