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> AREA SNEAKS: Call for Work
> The historical relationship between art and language has often
> occasioned lively and compelling work. AREA SNEAKS, a new print and
> online journal, seeks to touch the live wire where language and
> visual art meet.
> Gertrude Stein's Paris artist salon, Velemir Khlebnikov and
> Vladimir Tatlin's constructive collaboration, Bernadette Mayer and
> Vito Acconci's editorial partnership, Augusto de Campos's concrete
> engagement with Brazilian modernism and Mike Kelley's interest in
> systems of literary knowledge have each provided potential models
> of positive exchange between artists and writers. AREA SNEAKS hopes
> to maintain this dialogue by creating a fellowship of discourse
> within an open community of contemporary artists and writers.
> AREA SNEAKS seeks work drawn from the full range of visual and
> language arts. We are interested in placing artists and writers
> working in a variety of media and with a variety of materials into
> dialogue. Artist projects, poetry, historical papers, speculative
> essays on art and language, poetics statements, collaborations,
> imaginative theses, conceptual writing, photographic essays,
> performance documents, interviews with artists and writers,
> architectural critiques and film analyses are only a few of the
> types of work we will consider.
> Submissions and proposals are accepted by email and post.
> Deadline for Issue 1: January 15th, 2007.
> Submissions received after January 15th will be considered for
> future issues.
> Email submissions:
> All email submissions or project proposals should be sent to
> areasneaks@gmail.com
> Please send submissions as a Microsoft Word document attachment
> and include a brief cover-letter; images should be sent as an
> attachment in GIF or JPEG formats.
> Postal Submissions:
> Send your submission along with a brief cover-letter, contact
> information, and a SASE to
> Joseph Mosconi
> 1588 Oak Grove Dr.
> Los Angeles, CA
> 90041
> --
> "He was a linguist, and therefore he had pushed the bounds of
> obstinacy well beyond anything that is conceivable to other men."
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