ombea project

Posted by pash* | Thu Sep 28th 2006 8:36 a.m.

Ombea project

4 speakers, 4 light sources and 2 cameras are placed within a space which is at least partially isolated from light and sound coming from outdoors and is provided with a lockable entrance; a computer is located outside the ombea space with max/msp/jitter patch which serves to direct the space reaction.

Ombea is a way of the space to express itself.

Ombea reacts to movement of a visitor within the space depending on: [movement = dark + noise] or [calm = light + silence] and that reaction takes place on various levels depending on the history of behavior of a visitor.

Upcomming shows: Brno Zoom 2006 (9-15/10/2006, Brno, Czech Rep.), Lab30 (2-4/11/2006, Augsburg, Germany).

more information, photos and videos are at our web

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