Posted by Salvatore Iaconesi | Tue Sep 12th 2006 10:22 a.m.

reality has several levels. no matter when/where/who you are you'll have just
the slightest hint of what really goes on.
who cares about who the goodboys and badboys are? no revolution is possible,
anyway. why bother understanding where the "good" is?

nature gives a hint that's more precious than anything you can achieve through
media, art, violence or whatever: the notion that there are thresholds.
up to a certain threshold everything works just fine. as soon as you step away
from it, no matter how little the step, things turn into chaos.

small steps in a certain direction can turn into huge differences (along
unexpected directions), a few steps ahead.

"sadness and grief" have no meaning in nature. i can bow to that.

we're loosing language to a mass-culture made up by aligning semantic building
blocks that someone else has prepared for us.

trying to understand everything takes you nowhere. and this is true for 9/11,
for the NMA discussion, for when i go to the grocery and the lady at the
counter starts with her linguistic psichedelia while talking about
international issues, for when i just can't find a pair of matching socks....

everyone is an expert. truth doesn't exist.


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>"...The practices of NMA represent an emancipatory movement: artists
>refused to accept the traditional assignments and definitions of roles as
>well as the value-system of 'classic'art criticism and theory. The factors
>that constitute the system of meaning of art, and its institutions, were
>rendered problematic. Craftsmanship and subjective expression were renounced
>in favor of a new positive emphasis on the process of planning and
>conception. Philosophical and critical considerations upon the production
>and function of NMA took center stage. This led to a new perspective on the
>economic interrelations of art..."
>(you should change every NMA in text with term conceptual)
>I've find this text in http://foundation.generali.at (information in
>After 40 years people try to re-define history,meny names from conceptual
>art I remember who was in focus that time now doesn't existed in new
>distribution of 'aesthetic/history'as value.Bit hysteric attempt to make
>hierarchy,history and valid theory of NMA is nice,because it must be
>starting point-suner> better.Posteriori(in this case I take this term from
>Duchamp )showing fascinate strength to be over all aesthetic(of course
>aesthetic is necessary to make right here and right now some
>'order').Also"Place from where you talk"(L.Wittgenstein)could be decisive
>for quality of your insight,for your ideological determination.Still,we are
>helpless like people from 70-is in their attempt to understand what's
>happened with their 'reality'(essence of 'reality's in art).RAF,Brigade Rose
>then,911-state terrorism and Al Quaida now.Problem to detect
>"right"side,"good boys"(that time fight against growin power of corporate
>capitalism,now fight between two ambition for global domination).We can't
>recognize this perplexity as something universal,but you should be careful
>when you see in Beate...site Ulrike Meinhof,and in same time in Lichty text
>his feeling of:"sadness and grief"quality of emotions are different,but
>images and words are the same.Both are significant for our time ,and both
>are completely different in their significance now than in that time.Every
>generation starting from beginning.
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