DANUBE TELE LECTURES on Art, Media and Image Science

Posted by Christiane Paul | Mon Aug 21st 2006 8:45 p.m.

:: Inauguration of the DANUBE TELE LECTURES at Danube University Krems ::

The Center for Image Science at Danube University Krems starts a new intern=
ational lecture series in early September with prominent scientists of our =
time. The lectures will be presented by live online streaming technology. T=
he series is realized in co-operation with the Osterreichische Filmgaleri=
e and the ORF Niederosterreich (Austrian Broadcast Corporation), and will=
be held in the Filmgalerie Cinema at Danube University Krems. For the inau=
gural Tele Lecture, internationally renowned scholars deal with key topics =
of Image Science and Media Art:


:: Lecture / Debate Topics ::

September 5, 2006 19:30-22:00
"DOES THE WEST STILL EXIST? Are There Boundaries of West, East and Far-East=
in the World of Images Now?"
Lectures and debate with Sarat MAHARAJ and Machiko KUSAHARA

Hollywood, computer games, net and media art, micromovies, new devices* ima=
ges are undergoing a new internationalization never known before, and are i=
ncreasingly being charged as a vehicle of ideologies and worldview. Seeming=
ly bygone clashes between image opponents and image believers are reanimate=
d in contemporary media to include all areas of art, science, politics and =
economy - now on a global scale. Can we still speak of images of the west t=
oday? Do we witness the arousal of a global visual language enriched univer=
sally by the various cultures, or are we at the brink of an
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