Fwd: "Now Hiring" : eteam art project @ International Airport Montello

Posted by joy garnett | Thu Aug 10th 2006 7:52 a.m.

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From: Sofia Hernandez <sofia@artingeneral.org>
Date: Aug 10, 2006 9:41 AM
Subject: Now Hiring

Art in General is making a trip to Las Vegas in mid-September, and is
"having" a layover at the International Airport Montello (IAM). We also just
found out that the IAM is looking to hire someone to help out during the

In reality, the International Airport Montello, and the layover, is a new
art project by the artist collective known as eteam, and commissioned by Art
in General. To enable someone to join us on this unconventional journey at
no cost, we are saving some funds and a seat in the plane for one more
person. We are covering their travel expenses in exchange for enthusiasm,
and perhaps a hand here and there. You can see it as a kind of prize. So,
the "Now Hiring" posting, linked here, is strategically done to engage
someone that is curious and interested in the project, hopefully, someone
from a different circuit than ours. I know this is short notice, but we are
finally getting a sense of how much funds we have available for this.

I need your support in passing the word around. We want people of diverse
communities to apply for the position, and for that someone to join us on
this trip.

Please pass the word by posting the "Now Hiring" in your Blog or forwarding
it to your readers.


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