RhNav - Rhizome Navigation Online Demo

Posted by Walter Rafelsberger | Sat Aug 5th 2006 6:20 p.m.

RhNav (Rhizome Navigation) is a continuous work in progress by Walter Rafelsberger that aims to visualize data through analyzation of user behaviour (recently described with the more popular term attention data). Although still in an experimental stage, an online demo and screencast videos were released, showing the possibilities of the upcoming application. The online demo loads and visualises last week's user behaviour of the Wiki "Metaportal der Medienpolemik" and continues with visualising current site traffic (Don't think it freezes after a while, this just means that traffic isn't actually very high on MdM. If you continue browsing the site you'll see that the graph will adapt to your behaviour.) The application is non-interactive for now. Navigation and usability is the next step. Remember it's just a tech demo drawing a graph.

For further information visit RhNav's developer site:
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