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Posted by mez breeze | Fri Jul 28th 2006 9:10 p.m.

At 08:58 AM 29/07/2006, you wrote:
>And not just another analysis of how economics is REALLY
>just the expression of other psycho-social desires. duh. Maybe the
>label is losing its usefulness here, but that's another discussion.


it is n.teresting watching the rants + logs + zipperings +
ova.ton[aliti]es of the mashedup+ova"is dead"
[velvet+satin.potentiality.n.furred] thread.....

.............a few [in]part.ially_related tendrils unfurled 4rm my

*post_hocian judgements + argumentative[ie "discussion"] structuring
breeds tandem|piggybacked|opinionated posturing. reflection +
m.ulation allow 4 the very same.

*stoic pro[gr|]fessions regarding the validity of the linear + any
subsequent masquerading of artistic.output diluted as[hist]o[r|xy]sperity's.fickle.judgement does
not.the.truth.make [+ i don't kno wot _the truth_ is...the
unfinished/unquantifiable holds far more value ( than
concrete, pre.pack(et)ed, right-wrong validations].

*labels operate as a bench[]markers of the known. the
more we m.ploy them [aka as
the more cryst[form]ali[zed]ne they b.come.

* i'm currently constructing within the potential of the un[or
as.yet]known: i have no idea wot my ARG/wiki/faux.infomorph merge
currently _is_ or wot it w[on't]ill b.come. this is the x.citing part
- the id[n]e[us]a; the fusing of concept +
[mixed.up.cruci(fied)bled]form. hopefully those i'll n.vite along 4
the x.pressive.ride will be just as n.thused. if _how.eva_ nothing is
made concrete as observable, label_ish out.put, is my "project" a
failure? does it retain a[ny]rtistic value/merit?


pockets that make art/culture/history/blah bearable; that make the
constant chewing of creative cud


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