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Posted by Susana Mendes Silva | Wed Jul 19th 2006 7:16 a.m.

Hi to all,

I hope that some of you can help Zena el-Khalil, who is an artist
living difficult times in Beirut.
Please read her message and see if you can give her some reliable
media and political contacts.



susana mendes silva

Begin forwarded message:

> Dearest Friends and Supporters and Loved Ones,
> I am afraid I am too exhausted to write up a diary for today.. Been
> working
> so hard all day on so many things. Everything from solving the half a
> million refugee problem we now have to keeping my parents calm, to
> trying to
> contact international media to tell them about what is going on.
> So many of you have asked me how you can help; I can tell you now,
> what we
> need so much of is media coverage that highlights the reality of the
> situation in Lebanon. I watched a bit of CNN today and I was shocked.
> I am working with several NGOs, volunteers, activists, etc to reach
> the
> international media. To reach the world...
> 1. contact the media and let them know about what is going on
> 2. contact your local politicians and ask them to step in
> 3. send me reliable media contacts that I can either send my
> stories to or
> inform them about events, medical needs, etc.
> In the meantime, you can also help by passing around the below
> message to
> any good/effective/reliable media sources you may have. We really
> need to
> get the international press there so the world can see us!
> ****************
> An invitation for a demonstration against the Israeli Attacks on
> Lebanon
> A group of civil society organizations "Lil Hayat" (For Life)
> invites all
> Lebanese to gather in front of the UN House (ESCWA) in Riad El Solh
> Square
> in Beirut at 11 am on Thursday July 20, 2006 to march to the
> European Union
> Headquarters in Saifi. The gathering will be submitting a statement in
> protest of the Israeli attacks and calling on the mobilization of
> the world
> to stop the Israeli attacks on
> Lebanon.
> Be many so we can be one.
> *******************
> Thank you to all for your wonderful support... So many of you I
> have never
> met.. Hopefully one day I will be able to invite you to my home in
> Beirut...
> It will be a sunny day. The breeze will be blowing just right...
> Maybe we
> will drink matee, maybe arak? We will joke and laugh. And my
> children will
> be running around with flowers in their hair.
> With love,
> Zena el-Khalil
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