nude feat. kenji siratori: collaboration release

Posted by Natsuki Taniguchi | Fri Jul 7th 2006 3:40 a.m.

nude feat. kenji siratori

Nude exterminate the ultra=machinary tragedy-ROM creature system that trash
sense of drug fetus was debugged to the corpse feti=streaming circuits of
the biocapturism nerve cells that compressed the acidHUMANIX infectious
disease of a clone boy::nude plug-in the brain universe of the hybrid corpse
mechanism gene-dub of a chemical=anthropoid to the paradise apparatus of the
human body pill cruel emulator murder-gimmick of the soul/gram made of
retro-ADAM hunting for the grotesque WEB insanity medium of the hyperreal
HIV=scanners to the feeling replicant living body junk of Kenji Siratori's
digital=vamp cold-blooded disease animals DNA=channel of the corpse
city=nude joint.

1 - confusion
2 - nonexistence
3 - exterminator
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