An Unimportant Story

Posted by Edward Picot | Wed Jun 28th 2006 11:50 a.m.

My latest nonlinear story is about four people early one morning.

A father and his daughter make up a story together about a dragon and a goose. The father remembers a trip he has just made to London, to see an exhibition of Chinese art. Upstairs, the mother fantasises about men finding her attractive, but simultaneously worries that she may be seriously ill. The mother and the little girl go outside to catch the bus to school. An old professor who lives by the bus stop is remembering a curious incident from between the wars, but interrupts his reminiscences long enough to look out of his window and notice the mother and daughter waiting for the bus.

Nothing important happens. The four sections of the story can be read in any order.

- Edward Picot - personal website - The Hyperliterature Exchange
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