MAAP '02 "MOIST" Beijing 23 October - 10 November

Posted by Kim Machan | Thu May 30th 2002 1 a.m.

Multimedia Art Asia Pacific
Beijing 23 October - 10 November

This years MAAP Festival moves to Beijing with the festival theme "MOIST" a=
n evocative adjective suggestive of humidity; life; growth; loaded with
references as wide as a fine foggy mist, a compost pile, a first kiss or a =
sweaty palm. Postioned in seeming oppostion to the mechanics of technology,
MOIST will explore artists emotive infusion.

The MAAP Festival is a contemporary art cultural event that explores the ne=
xus of art and technology across a range of art forms and practices
emphasising interactive multimedia, net art, digital video, video installat=
ion, and projects integrating new media.

MAAP will present the festival in four core venues in Beijing.
The China Millennium Monument - an impressive official building equipped wi=
th excellent exhibition space and state of the art IT capability. The venue=
boasts a 31 metre curved screen made up of 56 programmable monitors and h=
as Broadband capability. This venue will focus on Chinese/Australian
new media art work.
The East Modern Art Centre - The large exhibition hall will accommodate maj=
or installations by 15 international artists.
The Central Academy of Fine Arts - Artists residencies program, forum
The Loft New Media Art Space - CDR, screenings & artists talks

Since MAAP's inaugural festival in 1998 it has been based in Brisbane and O=
nline presenting an annual festival and regional satellite events with a
mix of support from government, corporate and educational sectors.Unprecede=
nted support is emerging from our hosts in Beijing and we look
forward to an exciting event that will attract the attention of Chinese and=
international key audiences. This year the Festival moves to Beijing,
leaping into the region creating a unique event and opportunity that also c=
elebrates the 30th Anniversary of China Australia relations. MAAP includes
artists from over 12 different countries and will be the first internationa=
l contemporary art exhibition imported into Beijing from a foreign organisa=

for further information:
Kim Machan
Festival Director
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