broken mirror

Posted by Rich White | Sun Jun 18th 2006 11:09 a.m.

the idea for the project arose from a chance realisation that two photographs I had taken looked almost like mirror images of each other. this result got me thinking about the nature of our perception of similar and symmetrical forms.

as the title implies, one of the two halves that comprise a piece can be perceived as an imperfect reflection of the other. which is the original and which is the reflection is a paradox.

my intentions behind the works lie in my interest in the fallibility of human perception and memory - and through this our ability to perform value judgements. the visual connections that are made when looking at the works are intended to allow the viewer to make psychological connections with, and within, the works, echoing our responses to recognisable visual stimuli - reflections (or perceived reflections) offer an 'understanding' feeling for the viewer.

these digital works, the results of experimenting with flash, are an attempt to get the computer to generate mirror images of random-generated forms. in some cases the user is able to alter variables or change one half of the image in the hope of creating a match, in others the user is only able to regeneate the image.

flash works:

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