third day at P2P_$

Posted by Carlo Zanni | Fri May 24th 2002 1 a.m.

Third day at

"P2P_$: Peer to Peer $elling processes for net_things"

is starting now

Please, follow the link, log on and enjoy the dialogue:

today speakers are:

Valentina Tanni - Curator and Founder and director of
Magda Sawon - Director of Postmasters Gallery, NY
Carlo Giordano - Programmer and theorist
Mark Tribe - Curator and Co- Founder of Rhizomeorg
Michele Thursz - Curator and founder of Michele Thursz PostMedia Network
Carl Goodman - Curator of Digital Media/Director of New Media Projects
American Museum of the Moving Image
Shusaku Hariya - Writer,


P2P_$: Peer to Peer $elling Processes for net_things

May 22,23,24 on

--------- Chat Dialogue about How to sell Net_Art ----------

Is it possible to sell networked based artworks? (net art)
If yes, in which form?
Is it possible to sell directly the Files instead of just a visualization
If I want to buy a net_project, what I buy?
How can I buy something "public"?
How can the concept of property merge with the sharing one?

Please, attend the Dialogue on May 22, 23, 24 to receive answers from
40 World Wide Speakers invited by Zanni to discuss these subjects and their
own ideas and experiences in the field.

-- // TimeLine and FULL LIST Speaker:

Thank you

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