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Posted by curt cloninger | Fri May 24th 2002 1 a.m.

For the third year running, we are having a competition. The deal is,
you have 5 kilobytes to make the best web page or site you can. We'll
organize the entries and make them public so people can admire and
learn from them.

And then people will rate them, and discuss them. And then special
judges will judge them, and we'll calculate the score and award some
lucky winner 5k cents (US): $51.20. Finally, about six months later,
we will do it all over again.

From right now until 5:00pm pacific time (GMT-8), June 16, 2002, you
can enter the "anything goes" competition, which allows anything you
can fit in a 5k download (no server-side processing allowed).

For more information, visit:


vicki wong

bruce sterling

clement mok

susan kare

lee feldman

steve champeon

dean allen

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