The Crystalline Effect "Blurred Edges"

Posted by Natsuki Taniguchi | Sat Mar 25th 2006 5:53 a.m.

The Crystalline Effect have made a new EP entitled "Blurred Edges".
A self-release out now, the EP contains 3 new tracks and 4 exclusive
remixes by renowned artists STARK, ALIEN PRODUKT and by The
Crystalline Effect themselves.
"Glass", the band's first album, was released in 2005 on Black Flames
Records giving the band great reviews worldwide.
Blurred Edges explores The Crystalline Effect at their most delicate,
quiet moments and also offers a dose of dancefloor-oriented tracks,
the EP ranging musically from Trip Hop to Trance.

"The Crystalline Effect aspirate the murder-protocol of the biocapturism
nerve cells reptilian HUB of a clone boy to the modem heart of the hybrid
corpse mechanism that turned on technojunkies' ill-treatment acid. The mass
of flesh-module to the paradise apparatus Blurred Edges of the human body
pill cruel emulator abolition world-codemaniacs that was processed the data
mutant of The Crystalline Effect's ultra machinery tragedy-ROM creature
system murder-gimmick of the soul/gram made of retro-ADAM. The Crystalline
Effect's Blurred Edges log in the living body junk feeling replicant who
compressed the acidhumanix infectious disease of the drug fetus of the trash
sense to the insanity medium of the hyperreal HIV scanners gene-dub of the
corpse city." - Kenji Siratori, author of Blood Electric

The Crystalline Effect - Blurred Edges
1. One Time In Life
2. Nothing Warms This Room
3. When The World Ends
4. Another Rainy Day (remix)
5. Why Do I Hate Myself (remix)
6. Poetry (Alien Produkt remix)
7. Gabriel (Stark remix)

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Stream "One Time In Life":
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