Sakura_Mapping Project

Posted by Hidenori Watanave | Thu Mar 23rd 2006 7:09 p.m.

I'm Hidenori Watanave,
CEO of Photon,Inc. and Visiting Professor of Digital Hollywood university
in Japan.

We started "Sakura_mapping Project".
(Sorry Japanese page, English version is on above left.)

Sakura_mapping system is a mapping system that can make visualization of
"Sakura (Cherry blossom) front" on satellite image. "Photograph of
cherry blossoms" and the location information are contributed with mail.

You can see it with Google Maps and Google Earth.(Sorry, Text is Japanese only)

like this,

You can participate by sending the cherry blossoms image with mail.
Please add GPS information to exif header of the image.
We are waiting for the contribution from countries other than Japan.

Cherry blossoms are national flowers in Japan.
This is a non-profit-making project, co-sponsoring of arbitrary group "Green photon" and "Committee of Earthday Tokyo".

It is possible to participate from all...cellular phone with GPS, usual cellular phone, and PC.
and you can post from USA.
Now, picture from Washington and California are mapped on it.

The location information is judged from the mail text when there is no
GPS information.

Please introduce it by all means on an official site if it is possible.

Your best regards,
Hidenori Watanave
Chief Executive Officer of Photon,Inc.
Visiting Professor of Digital Hollywood university
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