Writing Your Own Instructions, New Media Approaches for 2022 (Rethinking Foundations)

Posted by marc garrett | Wed Oct 17th 2012 10:57 a.m.

Writing Your Own Instructions, New Media Approaches for 2022 (Rethinking Foundations)


Presented @ “Rethinking Foundations: Ideals, Purposes, Needs” @ the 2012 Middle America College Art Association Conference Wayne State University, Detroit MI, Thursday October 4.

authors: Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Westbrook
contact: everybody@onchanneltwo.com

Prologue: init NewMedia = “There are no words for what we do”.

As always, when defining the boundaries between chaos and order, we are limited by language. Is any dynamic artist, designer or scholar ever comfortable or satisfied with a label for their research, beyond the most general? Post-structuralism and post-modernism are replete with those who reject even being included in these categories. This is also true of new media/interactive art/media art/technology art/digital art/.../transmedia. Already, some reading this are making notes for a rebuttal that denies that these fields are even remotely related. We ask your indulgence because as artists&&designers working across many fields of research and practice, we feel that there are no words for what we do. We have no specific field but we must speak. We ask that you allow us the use of “new media” as a variable, a phrase that will hold different data (and may even contain the wrong data at times).

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