Kenji Siratori "BIZARRE"

Posted by Natsuki Taniguchi | Sun Mar 19th 2006 1:44 a.m.

Kenji Siratori "BIZARRE" CD

Label: hypermodern
Music style: electro / industrial


There are innumerable musicians who have taken to writing, but few examples
of writers who have taken to music. Kenji Siratori's BIZARRE CD is injected
with influences from Merzbow, Foetus, Meat Beat Manifesto, Frontline
Assembly....sampling technology and programmed music is closer to his
writing style. Kenji Siratori samples the transgressive genomics strategy
circuit of a chemical=anthropoid. Industrial quickening of the abolition
world is notified in his writing. Life=noise of a drug fetus corrodes the
brain universe that tera of dogs were ill-treated on biocapturism. He
praises Foetus's work. Foetus transplants the drug fetus army to a nerve
cell. Kenji Siratori is J.G. Thirlwell's literary apprentice. His ear
scratches William Burroughs's psychedelic placenta.

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