Neil and Iona at -CinemaScope, Circuit Boards at Fountain, LEA redux

Posted by Jason Van Anden | Thu Mar 9th 2006 5:15 a.m.

On your way to PAM, All Systems Go and POV be sure to say "hi!" to Neil and
Iona (my emotive robots) and me (the anxious human being). Neil and Iona
can be found at the entrance to cinemaScope, I will be keeping an eye on

I will also be exhibiting my new Algorithm pieces at Fountain, which is a
micro-fair who appropriately appropriates its name from Duchamp's iconic
found object. This takes place across the street from Pier 90 (if you are
in NYC for the fairs - this will make sense).

Details about all of this can be found here:

It would be great to finally meet some of you in the real world.

Jason Van Anden
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