Apologies about spam

Posted by Ethan Ham | Thu Feb 23rd 2006 2:22 p.m.

Someone dropped me a line that it is a bit intrusive for my Email Erosion installation to email a response to every Rhizome Raw email.

My apologies about that... I've unsubscribed the installation from the list until I can special-case the list emails to not receive responses.

I originally assumed that emails coming from Rhizome Raw would have a Rhizome Raw reply-to, rather than the individual posters' email addresses. When I belately realized that wasn't the case, I held off doing something about it because frankly the installation needs the email traffic... I had hoped that anyone who would be too annoyed by it would have used a bogus email address anyways (a lame justification, I know).

So anyway, sorry about the spam :)

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