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[Kon.[Text]] Symposium
Zurich, Switzerland, Thursday July 13th to Sunday July 16th, 2006

Digital Art Weeks - ETH Zurich -

The Digital Art Weeks PROGRAM (DAW06) is concerned with the application
of digital technology in the arts. Consisting of symposium, workshops
and performances, the program offers insight into current research and
innovations in art and technology as well as illustrating resulting
synergies in a series of performances during the Digital Art Weeks
Festival each year, making artists aware of impulses in technology and
scientists aware of the possibilities of the application of technology
in the arts.

[Kon.[Text]], this year's Digital Art Weeks SYMPOSIUM concerns the use
of the Performative Surround in the arts and the technology that drives
it. The Performative Surround pertains to the immersive quality and
quantity of the setting of a performative artwork that uses electronic
media enhancement. In a series of lectures, demonstrations, panels and
performances, artists and researcher will examine the use of electronic
media in articulating the performer's presence through the
possibilities of the multi-sensuality of electronic media.

The organizers of the Digital Art Weeks ETH Zurich are seeking
presentations, demonstrations and performances on all themes specific
to performance using electronic media that explore a concept of the
Performative Surround. Submissions of both theoretical and empirical
studies are invited from the perspectives of the performing arts and
computer science and as well as other topics relevant areas.

Suggested submission topics for papers, demonstrations and performance
include, but are not limited to the following themes:

1. Media Enhanced Artwork in the areas of Performance, Dance and
2. Laptop Music (including Live-Coding!) & Film Accompaniment
(Live-Cinema & Re-Scoring)
3. Mobile Art & Music Works that explore Performer Networking and
Audience Participation
4. Net-poetry and literature & computer mediated communication (i.e.,
Hyper-Media Embedding)
5. Grammar- or Syntactically based Software Systems for Multimedia

DEADLINE FOR ALL PROPOSALS: Friday, March 17, 2006.

Notification of acceptance of proposals will be sent out on or before
Friday, April 7, 2006.


DIGITAL ART WEEKS 2006 (DAW06) is interested in artistic and
theoretical work in the form of:

* Papers, Panels and Presentations can include DVDs, audio CDs,
videotapes, web-sites, etc. Papers and Presentations can be 25 or 45
minutes in length. DAW06 organizers will build panels based on reviews
of materials submitted.

* Proposed artwork to be included in the DAW06 Festival may take the
form of performances with or without media enhancement or be in the
form screenings live or fixed material.

* Applications should not exceed 500 words. Applicants should indicate
one of the festival categories in the subject of the message. Please
include a 200 word max bio.

* All proposals must be submitted in plaintext only format either as an
attachment and/or within the body of the email message.

* In case of Audio and/or Video examples, please provide a valid URL to
a web site containing them.

* If your presentation requires specific technologies, please describe
your needs in detail.

All proposals should be submitted electronically to:
Art Clay -

or should be sent per mail to:
Art Clay
Computer Systems Institute
ETH Zentrum, RZ H 18
Clausiusstrasse 59
CH-8092 Zurich

All accepted papers will be published on-line in the Digital Art Weeks
digital library.


DIGITAL ART WEEKS General Requests:

Jurg Gutknecht
Art Clay
Stefan Muller Arisona

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