rabbia series

Posted by Claudio Parodi | Thu Jan 12th 2006 8:57 a.m.

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rabbia series

an ongoing series tailered to bring new music, new poetry and new theatre t=
o Genova

Wednesday the 25th January 2006

Madeleine Cafe

Via della Maddalena 103 R



tel. +39 0102465312



Claudio Parodi Feedback solo

An improvisation of about one hour on a self-modified electronic instrument=
. The sound is generated by an old equalizer put in feedback. The sliders o=
f the equalizer emphatize or attenuate the twenty different frequencies, cr=
eating a continuously changing sound perspective. Plus, an over-alimentaded=
old multieffect rack adds unexpected nuances to the sound. Every sound eve=
nt, including battments between the different frequencies, cracks caused by=
the rust of the multieffect rack knobs, the use of the two different imped=
ances of the amplifier, and the on-off of the adlimentation, is integrant p=
art of this astonishing sound journey.

next concerts:

Wednesday the 22nd February 2006


Wednesday the 29th March 2006

Nino Locatelli solo
  • Claudio Parodi | Wed Mar 22nd 2006 7:33 a.m.
    sorry for any cross-postings...

    rabbia series
    a series tailored to bring new music, new theatre, new poetry to Genova

    Wednesday, March the 29th
    Madeleine Cafe
    Via della Maddalena 103 R
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