Posted by Marieke Istha | Wed Oct 26th 2005 4:13 a.m.

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in brief:

residency period 3-6 months

dates March - Sept 2006

location Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands Media Art Institute is pleased to announce an open call for=
the Winter 2005 round of its Artist in Residence (AiR) program.

The AiR programme at the Netherlands Media Art Institute aims to support th=
e exploration and development of new work in digital/interactive/network me=
dia and technology based arts practice. The residency provides time and res=
ources to artists in a supportive environment to facilitate the creation of=
new work that is produced from an open source perspective. We encourage a =
cross disciplinary and experimental approach. This is a practice based resi=
dency designed to enable the development and completion of a new work.

Our focus for this open call is on open source interactive installation art=
, in which the following occurs:

*interaction between tools and/or software
*interaction between tools and artwork
*interaction between audience and artwork

The Netherlands Media Art Institute offers an open environment with technic=
al assistance and an active advisory board which will give feedback and sup=
port in technical, conceptual and presentation issues. There is access to s=
tudio and exhibition equipment,

technical support from the Institute's staff and production help from inter=
ns. The technical staff is specialized and has good contacts with programme=
rs of the following software, a.o.: PD/PDP, Blender, Dynebolic, Linux. We e=
xpect the artist to have knowledge and insight in the technical realization=
of the concept.

It is integral to the mission of the AiR program that artists participate i=
n presenting their work in a public form appropriate to their project. This=
can include gallery installations, demonstrations of research in progress,=
panel discussions, on-line projects, or multimedia performances, in additi=
on to open studio events and workshops. For this reason we ask that artists=
include in their proposal possible examples of how they might like to pres=
ent their work publicly.

At this moment the Netherlands Media Art Institute provides in travel costs=
. It doesn't provide accommodation for artists living outside of Amsterdam.=
However, we are willing to help the search but cannot guarantee a place fo=
r living.

Application using the application form can be send to:

Netherlands Media Art Institute

Artist in Residence

c/o Annet Dekker

Keizersgracht 264

1016 EV Amsterdam

the Netherlands

Application form is online <> >=
research > AiR
  • Jim Andrews | Wed Oct 26th 2005 4:51 a.m.
    Our focus for this open call is on open source interactive installation
    art, in which the following occurs:

    a.. interaction between tools and/or software
    b.. interaction between tools and artwork
    c.. interaction between audience and artwork
    Interaction between audience and artwork I understand. But what do the
    other two mean?

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