SimpleTEXT: Oct 26 @ NYU

Posted by Jonah Brucker-Cohen | Mon Oct 17th 2005 9:23 p.m.

SimpleTEXT: Oct 26 @ NYU

* Below is information about the next SimpleTEXT
peformance on October 26 @ NYU*

Please forward to those who might be interested in attending!

*a cell phone enabled interactive performance* by Family Filter

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 (8 pm)
Bring your Cell phone and Wireless Laptop!

New York University (NYU), NYC, USA
Kimmel Center for University Life
in the Beverly and Arthur Shorin Performance Studio
8th floor, 60 Washington Square south
Corner of 4th St and LaGuardia Place (on Washington Square Park)

Map Link:`+Washington+Square+South,+new+york,+ny&spn=0.006488,0.016328&iwloc=A&hl=en


More info on the Handheld Event:

About SimpleTEXT:
SimpleTEXT is a collaborative audio/visual public performance that
relies on audience participation through input from mobile devices
such as phones, PDAs or laptops. SimpleTEXT focuses on dynamic input
from participants as essential to the overall output. The performance
creates a dialogue between participants who submit messages which
control the audiovisual output of the installation. These messages
are first parsed according to a code that dictates how the music is
created, and then rhythmically drive a speech synthesizer and a
picture synthesizer in order to create a compelling, collaborative
audiovisual performance.

SimpleTEXT focuses on mobile devices and the web as a bridge between
networked interfaces and public space. As mobile devices become more
prolific, they also become separated by increased emphasis on
individual use. The SimpleTEXT project looks beyond the screen and
isolated usage of mobile devices to encourage collaborative use of
input devices to both drive the visuals and audio output, inform each
participant of each other's interaction, and allows people to
actively participate in the performance while it happens.Our purpose
with the performance is to create the possibility of large-scale
interaction through anonymous collaboration, with immediate audio and
visual feedback. SimpleTEXT encourages users to respond to one
another's ideas and build upon the unexpected chains of ideas that
may develop from their input..

SimpleTEXT is created by Family Filter, a collaboration between Jonah
Brucker-Cohen, Tim Redfern, and Duncan Murphy. It was originally
funded by a commission from Low-Fi, a new media arts organization
based in London, UK and has been performed in 5+ countries worldwide.
This event is sponsored by NYU's Program Board and the "Handheld"

About SimpleTEXT:

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