Selective Affinities @ Pablo's Birthday, Oct 15, 4pm

Posted by carla gannis | Wed Oct 5th 2005 2:40 p.m.

Selective Affinities: a panel discussion, in conjunction with the group
exhibition Multiple Partners, about community, gender, and connectivities in
the New York art world.
Panelists include: Lilly Wei, Brian Sholis, Michael Sellinger, Lea Rekow,
Anat Ebgi, Phong Bui Moderated by: Carla Gannis.
Dialogue: Recently The New York art world has taken some harsh criticism
recently for being too market driven to represent the truly best-A mercenary
and soulless picture takes form, where money, conformity, and power
obfuscate conviction, originality, and integrity. It can be easy to overlook
the artists, writers, curators, and gallerists in New York whose
contributions help form a more inspiring and vital scenario. Many of these
individuals support the mutual success of their peers, sharing resources and
information; write insightful and judicious analysis; curate provocative and
challenging shows; and operate galleries and art spaces that provide
alternative perspectives to the status quo.
A Q&A open to panelists and participating artists of "Multiple Partners"
will follow the panel discussion Where & when: Pablo's Birthday, 84 Franklin
St, (between Church and Broadway), NYC, Free, 4:00 pm
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